Hot Lunches

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Q: As a Hot Lunch Volunteer, what do I do on Hot Lunch Day?

A:  Hot Lunch Volunteers are requested to please:

  • arrive at the PAC kitchen in the gym by 11:20-11:30am.
  • if your child is helping you with hot lunch, please have them meet you in the covered area outside the back of the gym, once you arrive you can open the door to let them in. (students are not allowed to play in or on gym equipment during hot lunch service)
  • advise the coordinator which classroom you are delivering for.
  • pick up your bin (by division number) and class list should be inside
  • deliver drinks, straws, frozen yogurt, sides and napkins.
  • return to gym for the hot lunch items (ie. Pizza, Subway) and bring with you the frozen yogurt ziplock bag which can be given to hot lunch co-ordinators.
  • leave bin in classroom to collect empty recyclables (ie. milk and juice containers) and wait for children to arrive for lunch (11:50am)
  • address any issues/concerns, if any you can ask hot lunch co-ordinators for support – hopefully none!
  • Return list to the coordinator in the gym.

TOTAL TIME: about 45 minutes

Q: How do I know who my child’s Class Representative is?

A:  Please ask your child’s teacher. The Class Reps page – on the menu to the right

Q:  What Division is my child in?

A: The Hot Lunch Co-ordinators will have a list.

Q: What should I do if my child is away on Hot Lunch Day?

A: When a child is away the helper distributing the hot lunch will bring the order back to the PAC kitchen which is located in the gym. You can come to the PAC kitchen and pick up their order there. Please come between the hours of 11:45am to 12:00pm so that by that time the helpers would have brought the child’s order back to the kitchen. The other option is to go to the classroom at 11:15am while the hot lunches are being distributed and pick it up from the helper handing out the hot lunch.

Q: If my child is away on Hot Lunch Day, can I cancel and get a refund?

A: Unfortunately the PAC does not refund orders if children are away sick or on vacation, unless we have 2 week’s notice prior to the Hot Lunch Day. This will likely only work for when families go on vacation, or for families that move to another school. Once the order has been submitted to our suppliers we can’t change it.


Our 2017-2018 Hot Lunch Coordinators are Kara Morson and Jane Atkinson. Please contact either Coordinators if you have further questions.

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