Deadline to ORDER: Monday, MARCH 1st

Online Ordering Only.

Customer #: 9665

Pickup Date: Thursday, March 11 (Outside Front of School – 2:30-3pm)

Contact PAC, if you are unable to pickup on this day.

We run Purdy’s Chocolates as a fundraiser before Winter Break (Nov/Dec) and before Easter (March/April). All ordering is done online. Catalogs and ordering instructions will come home in your child’s communication folder.

RED BARN CARDS On Now – March 2021

Deadline to Order: Wednesday, March 3rd

All orders via E-Transfer. 

Red Barn is super handy for many families. Located at Matticks Farm, our school receives 10% of Barn Bucks Gift Cards sold. We run this fundraiser about every 2-3 months. Order forms are emailed and/or sent home with students.

SCHOOL APPAREL – Coming in April 2021

Pickup Date:

Pickup Location:

Contact Pia, if you have questions or are unable to pickup at this time.


BOTTLE DEPOT – Glanford Location

Cordova Bay has an account at this location. Simply let your cashier know BEFORE they start counting and your refunds can be donated to our school.


If you need labels for your kids stuff, your stuff, your pet’s stuff, get them here. Our school gets 20% of all sales.

Go to:

Click on Support a Fundraiser

Select your School/Organization (Cordova Bay Elementary PAC) and start ordering.


Cordova Bay PAC has once again been extended the opportunity to raise funds via the Thrifty Foods Smile Card Program.

Thrifty Foods will reimburse our organization with 5% of the total dollars spent by families purchasing their groceries with a “loaded” smile card.
There is absolutely no cost to you.

  • New cards can be requested by contacting CB PAC.
  • Existing cards from last year can continue to be used.
  • Cards can be loaded at the Customer Service Desk or through any cashier using debit card, credit card or cash. If loading via a cashier, the card must be loaded prior to having the grocery order rung in.
  • Write down your card number and keep it in a safe place.
  • Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately by calling Thrifty Foods Customer Service (250-544-1234 or 1-800-667-8280) or by going to any Thrifty Foods store.
  • Card holders may check their card balance by visiting (Our Services, Smile Cards, Check my Smile Card). Balances are displayed on grocery receipts as well.

We hope you will embrace this terrific method of fundraising and take the extra time to load your smile card whenever you shop.

Cordova Bay families have the opportunity to raise funds for their school simply by supporting these ventures.

Keep looking back to this site throughout the year for more ways to help out!