COPACS Update – November 2020

Here are some highlights from the November 12, 2020 COPACS meeting.

  • Remote learning – many students are returning to classrooms next week: down to ~240 from the original ~600.
  • Federal funding was used to address remote learning costs and it is uncertain if they will be renewed next year.
  • The District is using surplus to cover costs despite the lower enrollment and associated provincial funding.
  • Distributed learning / SIDES (link) enrollment has nearly tripled with an additional 515 students this year.
  • The Catchment Boundary recommendations (link) are going to the next Board meeting for approval with goal to take effect fall 2021.
  • The Children’s Development Centre (link) replacement is moving forward. You can learn more about capital planning here: link.
  • After a 2 year process of revising it’s policy manual, the Board is set to adopt the new manual at the Board meeting on November 18. I will report back next month with more details.
  • The hot lunch program is starting again at Keating Elementary Other schools are invited to learn about their approach should they want to restart.
  • Dave Eberwein our Superintendent is visiting all the schools this fall and noted that it gives him a lot of joy to see many kids that are happy to be back at school.

COPACS Update – October 2020

Greetings parents and students of Cordova Bay Elementary. I am honoured to be your representative on COPACS (Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils of Saanich) that meets monthly, representing PACs across the School District. We hear from other school PACs, the Superintendent and staff, Trustees and Saanich Teachers’ Association reps. Here is the website:

Here are my highlights from the October 8, 2020 meeting (detailed minutes are available here):

* There is an important District catchment boundary review underway. The
gist of the issue is that “Area D” will shift to Cordova Bay Elementary and
“Area E” will shift to Lochside: .

There are 185 elementary remote learners, representing 6.6% of the school population.

Kindergarten-Grade 8 return to school information

  • Return dates:November 16, January 4 and March 29.  
  • Those families whose children are not able to return to in-class learning will be offered a continuing remote option.  This program may look different after the Winter Break due to the evolving nature of student enrolment and may include a possible distributed learning instructional approach.  
  • Please note, students who remain in remote learning for the rest of this school year will NOT lose their spot in their home school in the Saanich School District.

If you child is in remote learning and you are planning to have them return on November 16 please fill out the survery (through the link below) no later than November 2.

* The District confirmed that we have excellent ventilation and filtration
systems in every school that includes fresh air and MERV 13 filters that
remove particulate matter (during forest fire season) along with indoor
contaminants (including viruses).

* Our Trustee Elsie McMurphy invited COPACs to provide input for the
upcoming renewal of the Strategic Plan. The current plan expires in 2021: Please share your thoughts with me on key
priorities for Cordova Bay: