Happy Spring !!

Upcoming Events and Information

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PAC General ZOOM Meeting – Wednesday, April 28 (7-8:30pm)

Join us for an informal and relaxed evening of sharing and learning about reading.
Fostering a Love of Reading at Home.  

Guest Speakers:

  • Ms. Lisa Kinshella, Reading Recovery and District Early Years Support Teacher
  • Mrs. Mary Lynn Heron, Principal

From now until Friday, April 16th, Mrs. Heron invites you to send her your questions regarding reading to mheron@saanichschools.ca Examples of questions might be: How do I know if a book is too hard for my child to read? What do I do if my child seems to hate reading?, etc. Mrs. Heron and Mrs. Kinshella will use your parent questions to frame the discussion on Wednesday, April 28th

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